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July 5, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | July 5

Impurity of the eyes and mind lives like a habit but fights like an addiction. Many habits are addictive. Smokers get the urge to smoke. Drug users “get a jones.” Alcoholics get the shakes.


For overcoming some addictions, the addictive source can be gradually reduced. For others, the best method is cold turkey. What works best with sexual impurity? Cold turkey. You cannot just taper down. Tapering down also brings with it the possibility of sexual binges that might go on for days. Binges crush your spirit.


Cold turkey it must be. But how? By totally starving your eyes of all things sensual besides your wife. For singles, this means starving your eyes of all things sensual. This will help you overcome the desire for premarital sex with the women you date. If you starve your eyes just like the married guy, you’ll see your date as a person and not an object.



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