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July 8, 2024 | Daily Devotionals | July 8

By the Seat of Your Pants


Do not let the floodwaters engulf me or the depths swallow me up or the pit close its mouth over me. Answer me, Lord, out of the goodness of your love; in your great mercy turn to me.  ––Psalm 69:15-16


If we are honest, sometimes we have no idea what we are doing. Doubt me? When you are driving and lose cell service and then GPS, can you readily admit when you’re lost? Or when we get into that argument with a stranger on social media and kinda spout stats we “think” are correct? How about when someone famous messes up big time and we are quick to jump on the condemnation band wagon? (Even though we’ve committed the same exact—or similar—sin in our own lives.) First day on the job after (maybe) getting a little evang-“elastic” with your resume (it says you are proficient in Excel, but…)? 


The sooner we can admit cluelessness to ourselves, the faster we can either 1) solve the problem, or 2) ask for help. But like kudzu and cockroaches, pride is hard to kill. (And like bad breath, we are often the last one to know we have it.) Most of the time when we need help but don’t ask for it, it’s because of pride. We actually convince ourselves that we can control whatever negative “thing” is happening to us. But lots of the stuff we confront each day is completely out of our control. Sure, we need to organize our life the best we can, and plan for the future (financially, spiritually, and in every other way). That’s important—but not what I’m talking about. 


 Control is the great illusion. So much of life is uncontrollable, yet we act as if it isn’t. Unexpected health issues. Loved ones who abandon or otherwise quit us. A job layoff out of left field. Uncontrollables. But we doggedly still try to convince ourselves and others that “all is going according to plan.” Even God’s men—including yours truly––do this on a regular basis. Think of the last time you were in financial debt. (If you’ve never been in debt, kudos to you.) Did you admit it to yourself, or stay in denial for far too long? 


At times, every man feels as lost as a goose in a hailstorm. The important thing is to admit it to a trusted brother or friend, surrender it to God, and ask for help. 


Father, help me act fast when I’m in over my head. Thank You for Your wisdom!

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