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July 9, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | July 9

For three years the disciples watched Jesus live His life, and never once did He crack or bend. He would break the rules of the religion when love or compassion demanded it; he frustrated His critics when He encountered misplaced spirituality. He was not intimidated by authority figures. He was not swayed by public opinion or pressure from authorities. He would not cave.


On the night before He died, Jesus took Peter, James and John with Him when He was deeply distressed. “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow and troubled,” He told His friends.


Jesus knew what was coming. But instead of longing for a way out, He committed His heart to God’s purpose. Just seconds before His arrest, Jesus exclaimed to His friends, “Rise! Let us go!” (Mark 14:42). He accepted and moved forward to embrace God’s purpose.


On that dark evening, the most important thing Jesus might have shown us was how to completely let go of our hearts to God. But He also stiffened His spine. Spine comes from undivided trust in the One who gives us the undivided heart. There is no sadder or more pathetic man than the one with a heart but no spine.

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