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June 10, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | June 10

A World War II vet named B. J. “Bernie” Baker was told he was dying of bone cancer. Given only two years to live, he told the doctors to fight the disease. “Give me the treatments,” he said, “I’ll keep living my life.”


Nine years after the diagnosis, he was struggling with shortage of breath and loss of strengths but said, “I’m going to keep fighting. Might as well.”


Those words were not said in resignation. They were the words of a fighter, a real man, a man who had faced bombs and machine-gun fire in the South Pacific before returning to America and eventually starting Baker Mechanical Company with two pipe wrenches and a $125 pickup truck. The cancer hit him hard, but he had no plans for surrender.


Might as well keep fighting. What was B. J.’s alternative? To quit and die.


What’s your alternative to fighting? To stay ensnared and die spiritually.


Right now you’re in a landing craft, inching closer to shore and a showdown. God had given you the weapons and trained you for battle. You can’t stay in the landing craft forever.


It’s time to plunge ahead and go like a man.




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