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June 2, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | June 2

Even if God does miraculously free you in a moment of time, if you don’t learn to flee, you can fall right back into your addiction. Your eyes, like a broken sewage pipe, will continue to carry in sewage and leak it into your life.


That is why we not only need to fight on the spiritual front by praying, but we also have to fight on the physical front with our will by fleeing.


What does fleeing look like in practice? Simple: It is cutting off those sensual images that create that mental pop! Bouncing the eyes is one form of fleeing. Starving the mind of new images and taking lustful thoughts captive are two others. Fleeing into a deeper relationship with God through regularly reading the Bible is a fourth.


Have you declared war on both fronts of the battle for sexual purity?


Have you won on both fronts?

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