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June 20, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | June 20

Worthiness is what manhood is all about. On the human level, only another man can declare us worthy, and when a father shows that kind of respect, that’s worth a hundred times more. A father doesn’t have to be a national wrestling champion to do this. He simply has to be a man. Fathers have size. They’ve got power. They’ve got wallets with real money in them. They’ve got beards like sandpaper. But most of all, they captured our hearts long ago, and because of that they have the words we’re dying to hear: “You fit, boy. You belong here with the men. You’re worthy—a man to be reckoned with.”


Today I will remember that because of Jesus

I am worthy to be called God’s son, a man

To be reckoned with, with nothing to prove.

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