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June 26, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | June 26

Thirty percent of fathers who get divorced never see their kids again. These broken relationships cause great internal anguish and insecurity in the sons, leaving them to seek intimacy wherever they can find it.


Sexual sin flourishes in the wake of bad or broken family relationships. The splintering effects of divorce or parental death shatter our worlds. Teens, rather than feeling accepted and cherished by their parents, feel as though they’ve been cast aside. They spend their lives searching for love and meaning, when it should have been provided in the home by a mother and father.


One of the key components to making it through is teamwork. Everyone needs supportive friends or groups. Every man needs an intimate relationship with God.


Ultimately, men of all ages face the same challenge–asking for help and being honest about emotions and struggles. For most men, it’s a major victory to come to the point of asking for help. Have you done that yet?


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