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June 5, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | June 5

When Jesus Christ knocks at the door. He finds two types of men. One man runs. The other man opens the door. One man’s commitment is insincere. The other man is eager to go to work with God. One man fears his charade will be exposed. The other man sees himself as a work in progress. One man knows that he habitually lies to himself. The other man works with God to deal with his shortcomings. One man makes himself scarce so no one will see who he really is. The other man allows others to see his progress. One man pretends to know God. The other man partners with God and gives Him credit for the good work that the truth accomplished in his life.


When the mirror of truth is turned on a man, he will either face it or flee.


What will you do? Face it or flee?


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