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June 8, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | June 8

What good is your Christian faith if you can’t lay your career on the line in obedience to God’s truth? Thousands of martyrs have done far more, and we’ll have to look them in the eye some day.


It’s our nature to work hard and want to work hard. But what if we chose to make our home our primary source of prestige? What if we risked slowing down our race up the corporate ladder for the sake of oneness with our wives? What if we risked trusting God for our corporate advancement, so we might put Him first and honor her essence, strengthening our marriages and our families? This strength would live on in our children long after we die.


Do you really believe that if you put God’s kingdom first, He’ll give these things to you? Have you laid anything on the line to prove it? Think about it.


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