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July 1, 2013 | EMM Main Blog | Man of Steel Vs. Son of Man

The box office hit movie “Man of Steel” contains imagery and references that the filmmakers thought would be of interest to faith-based communities, drawing a comparison between Superman, the Man of Steel and Jesus, the Son of Man. So, I thought it would be fun to compare Superman and Jesus in a head-to-head competition of overall greatness. Then, you can decide whom to idolize.


Superman is perhaps the most popular “super hero” among men, because, in my opinion, he personifies what men aspire to be and do. For example, he saves people, he has Every Man Ministries, Kenny Luckspecial skills and abilities, he has integrity and infallible nature, yet his Clark Kent character provides a “human” side that feels vulnerable, weak and awkward. I think these are reasons why Superman resonates so deeply with men.  


Common Traits

There are some similarities between the fictional hero, and Jesus our Lord and Savior. For example, both Superman and Jesus:


  • Were sent to Earth
  • Have super powers
  • Saves people
  • Fights injustice
  • Dwells among us
  • Judges justly
  • Both wore underwear and a cape (tunic)



Of course, the most obvious difference is that Superman is a fictional character, and Jesus is real. Imagine that … Jesus is real. He lived. He died. He rose again. And He wants to help you be a super man, be your friend, your counselor, your savior, your father for eternity. Here are a few other differences:



Superman Jesus
Super human Powers Creater of the universe. Power that can only be descripbed as “miraculous”
Saves people from death  Saves people for eternal life
Never forgets sin Forgives sin with saving grace
Faster than a speeding bullet Immediately available
Can fly anywhere fast Always present, just need to call on His name
Supersonic hearing Knows our thoughts
Restores order temporarily Restores order permanently
Reacts to problems Proactively equips man for problems
Shows up when available Never leaves, nor forsakes
Has a weakness Spotless, blameless, pure. Perfect.
Love for Lois Love for all man kind
Thwarts the bad guy Has already won the battle over evil
Admirable purpose Higher purpose: “Do the will of Him who sent me”
Addresses outward actions Addresses inward actions that impact outward actions
Mysterious Revealed fully, that we may know Him
Hid his identity Invites people to relationship with him



The bottom line is Superman is a fantasy. Jesus is reality. Superman is a vicarious aspiration. Jesus is a experiential connection.


But, the most incredible difference between the Marvel comic and Jesus, is that you can literally become like Jesus, and you won’t have to wear tights and a cape. Romans 8:29 says that “For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son…” and in 2 Corinthians 3:18 the Bible says that we “…are being transformed into his image…”


Did you know God has wired men to be “Super” men? God’s plan for you is to create men of character that make them great and do great things. However, it requires a connection with the original “Super man,” otherwise known as Jesus, the Son of Man. 


You’ll never be Superman, but you can be a Super Man — God’s man.


*  * *


What do you think Superman and Jesus share in common or make them different? Share your ideas here. 


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