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March 24, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | March 24

Humble appreciation of God’s person and love accelerates maturity because it is required for all spiritual disciplines. Humility is needed to forsake sin, to forgive, to own up to our faults, to confess those faults, to resist expressing hurtful words, to go to prayer, to trust God’s Word, and, most important, to live proudly as God’s man.


Instead of bristling at being controlled, we should soften up under His true care and concern. Instead of settling and compromising spiritually, we should be motivated to pursue His best and to risk trusting His way in every domain. Instead of investing our lives in the service of our passions, we should begin to invest our passions in the service of life–eternal live.


When men do not get it–making God less than their Creator and thinking He doesn’t have their best interests in mind–they are afraid to trust. They stiffen at the prospect of following God’s will wholeheartedly. Deep down, they harbor a stubborn refusal to heed His voice instead of humbly seeing the truth and responding.



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