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March 28, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | March 28, 2015

It costs something to learn about Christ. It costs a lot to live like Christ.

  • It costs something to join a few thousand men at a conference to sing praises to God and learn how we should live; it costs a lot to come home and remain committed to the changes you said you’d make in your life.
  • It costs something to avoid Playboy magazines; it costs a lot to control your eyes and mind daily.
  • It costs something to send your child to Christian school so others can teach your children about God; it costs a lot to have regular family devotions, complete with Dad leading worship songs and heartfelt prayer.
  • It costs something to insist that your kids dress modestly; it costs a lot to make them think modestly and nicely.


So where do you stand? Are you comfortable? Do you have a broad tolerance of sin in your behavior? Has your approach to God led to a high level of mixture in your life?


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