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March 31, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | March 31

I Have You on Speed Dial

How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! Psalm 139: 17

What moves God’s man to seek the connection that can give him the Holy Spirit’s comfort and guidance through prayer?  It’s what God’s man and the Father have between them — a cross.  It has made the relationship possible, and it’s what compels our conversations to be continual.

While God always receives and responds to our prayers eagerly and willingly (although sometimes we have to wait for an answer, since He has a different time table), His desire is that the communication be much more than just a presentation of our personal problems.  He wants us to tap into His power as well as into His person.

After a while, tapping into God should feel natural because you’re accustomed to thinking about doing it.  That’s because you know that prayer changes the course of things.  To be a supplicant to God means acknowledging that He is more powerful than you — far more powerful.

Trying to manage life without praying is like trying to steer a car with power steering after the ignition is turned off.  You can barely turn the car right or left to steer the car off the road. Only an idiot would want to drive like that.  Yet that is exactly what we do when we choose to travel through life without the unimaginable power of prayer.  Put prayer to work in your life, as Arthur Davis did with the power of the Colorado River, and you’ll be tapping into a power source that allows you to experience the joys of life, gain God’s peace and perspective, and accomplish the seemingly impossible. I believe the way to accomplish a life of prayer is to realize that God is waiting for you to talk with Him, just as l wait for the special person in my life to call me.

Father, you are my special person whom I respect and admire, and want to talk with.

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