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May 15, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | May 15

To Catch a Thief

The thief has played us all at one time or another and will continue to play us. He is relentless in exerting his influence in every way he can.  In relationships, in morals, in spiritually illuminating moments, and emotional experiences, he’s always involved. The reason is that this is where he gains the most in the basic transactions of our soul.  But knowing this diminishes the chances that he can play you or manipulate you.

Of course just knowing this isn’t enough. You must know him — his character and the ways it manifests in his conduct. When you see certain dynamics in people and in situations, those affect certain clues about their source. To catch the thief, the spiritually aware God’s man, must make the casual connections.

Jesus didn’t hesitate to out Satan when His radar picked up Satan’s tell tale qualities. He knew: “That’s Satan!” His radar blinked red and squawked for a number of reasons. If we look carefully we can get a picture of the unrepentant character we are dealing with. Watch and learn from the master, He is the God man who lives within you. Here is what He had to say about Satan. He has murderous intent—He lies and deceives to justify evil actions—He practices self-interest and self gratification at others expense—He uses mental diversion and distraction to eliminate spiritual transformation—He uses many words to mask his lack of integrity—He hijacks God’s plans through man’s passions and self interests—He opposes the advancement of the gospel in one’s life.  Translation:  Deception? Bet on his involvement, that’s what Thief’s do.

Father, thank you for my personal educator and protector, the Holy Spirit, who you have placed in me. Don’t let me minimize His power.

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