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May 17, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | May 17

When deciding how to raise the kids, here’s a simple rule of thumb. If you have the higher spiritual temperature, your wife must come up to your level. If she has the higher spiritual temperature, you must come up to her level. In doing so, oneness will flourish, and your children will be given a consistent picture of the standards you require.


With this in mind, note that your kids have secret powers they can unleash to battle the things of this world. You have them as well, but they might have been neglected because no one helped you develop them. Even so, help your children develop the secret power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Help them discover the power in spiritual gifts, talents, skills, and ability. Help them also learn the power available to them in the truth of Scripture.


Work as a team with your wife to help your children grow into the incredible kids God intends them to be.

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