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May 21, 2016 | Daily Devotionals | May 21, 2016

Who’s Got Your Back

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. Psalm 23:1

This is what it means when your back’s to the wall, or in military terms you’re in a position of encirclement: No retreat is permitted, no rescue is coming, no supplies can be received, there is no freedom to maneuver, and all the ground lines of reinforcement are controlled by opposing forces.  Usually it means this; the tide of the battle has turned. It’s happened over time, series of wars have been fought, and battles have been won and lost. In reality, if your backs are to the wall your options now begin to sink in. When you are in this position and you are encircled, you only have three choices. You can try to poke a hole through an enemy line, you can fight to the death or you can just lay your arms down and surrender.  The option you don’t have is deciding not to decide.

Here’s the deal fellows, you may not be deployed in Bagdad or Kabul or be placed along the Korean DMV but make no mistake, as a man of God, your back is against the wall. Although you may have avoided direct conflict with what’s going on around you in the culture, it’s coming to your porch. Deciding not to decide is not going to be an option anymore. You are going to have to choose your identity, your source of authority, and make a choice between your faith and your popularity.  

Look at who you are, the authority you have been given and your ability to choose to believe these promises God has given you. This is the only way we will be victorious in the culture we are now in. Thank Him often that you are not a victim but a victor.

Thank you Father, for the confidence that only you can give, I am a victor.

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