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May 24, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | May 24

The Motivation of Fear

When I‘m afraid I put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3

The motivation of fear is a very real tool of Satan to become self-dependent. We see an example of this with Eve and then with Adam as Satan approached them in the garden.  Adam and Eve were motivated by the fear of not experiencing or having. Satan knew the fear of not having or experiencing is an overwhelming temptation; he tried this same technique when tempting Jesus in the desert. This is the ploy by Satan used to make decisions not based on truth but out of the false influence of the one who is here to destroy us.

If you stay up late some night, after the Tonight Show is over, and you see the paid programming takeover, it’s all about the limited time offer. You will get 2 Shamwows for the price of one and you go against your better judgment and your common sense and your bank balance and you get sold. This sale is made out of the fear of either not having or not experiencing.

It’s a positive thing to analyze the losses and that’s what we did with Adam and Eve, we analyzed the loss in order to learn, OK, this is what they did, this is what happened, they bit down, and they took the bait, so that we can learn how to move not in fear but in faith.

Stay intimate with the reality that God created you, God loves you. As soon as you decide to let God be God and you do the things that refresh that vision of God in your life – spiritual disciplines, talking with God, spending time with God, being with God, being with other people of God, watching film in the bible, studying the losses – then the advantage of faith over fear will kick in.

Father, it’s all about the true or false question isn’t it?

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