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May 27, 2018 | Uncategorized | may-27

Too many men don’t realize they can have an even better friend-to-friend relationship with Jesus Christ. And it’s not about putting in a lot of prayer time to make that happen–that would be misunderstanding the context and purpose of prayer. Instead, when God’s man puts prayer into the realm of interacting with God, he talks to God not only when he’s seeking relief or comfort but (more importantly) because God is an indispensable, intimate confidant.


What drives you to pray and share your life with Jesus on a moment-by-moment basis? Is it relief or relationship? What moves God’s man to seek that connections, which can give him the Holy Spirit’s comfort and guidance through prayer? It’s what God’s man and Jesus Christ have between them–a cross. It has made the relationship possible, and it’s what compels our conversations to be continual.


While God often receives and responds to our prayers eagerly and willingly (although sometimes we have to wait for an answer, since He has a different timetable), His desire is that the communication be much more than just a presentation of our personal problems. He wants us to tap into His power as well as into His person.


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