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January 20, 2014 | Featured | Men Matter: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Every Man Ministries

This is a pass-along blog to the woman or women in our lives. I started Every Man Ministries to help awaken the sleeping giant in our world — men. But women are so critical to life and to my mission I thought I’d dedicate this one for the girls.


Throughout my career of studying men in the Bible, counseling men in rehab, authoring materials for men, pastoring men, speaking to thousands of men and leading my own family, the more I realize our enemy wants men to be distracted from what really matters. Our faith in God, our values to love Him, love others, and to shepherd His family as the spiritual leader are all under attack. Many of today’s social illnesses are due to a breakdown in the family and lack of having an active dad at home.


Men MatterMen matter. But unfortunately, many men take their armchair stance and avoid getting in the game to make a difference.


My goal is to start a movement of men who are unafraid to address battles at home and in their private worlds; men who openly and actively seek teaching about issues men face every day. My strategy is to use current worldly culture and give it a spin to learn God’s perspective. Every Man Ministries supports men who are following Christ, or investigating Him, while on their journey battling tough topics typically not shared in open forums. We provide the largest library of video teaching from today’s best contemporary teachers and make it available online anytime, anywhere.


But we need women in the game too! While men watch videos from our Media Vault and read our blogs, women may be wondering, “What’s in it for us”?


Here are a few things you (men and women) should know about Every Man Ministries, and how it will benefit you:


  1. Our Spiritual Model. First and foremost, Every Man Ministries uses the Bible, the life of Jesus and our Heavenly Father to help apply spiritual grounding for today’s culturally-relevant battles. We believe a relationship with Jesus is the foundation, and observing his life on earth illustrates core truths for men. Knowing what the Bible says about love, sex, money, family, conflicts, addictions and much more, is one of the keys to becoming a “God’s man,” which is a term we use frequently here.


  1. Our Business Model. For the price of one movie ticket at your local cinema, we provide a monthly subscription for men (and women) to gain unlimited access to the largest collection of video teaching, books and other articles for men. This transformational content helps men “Get Into” a growing movement of spiritually motivated men, “Get Healthy” in the key red-zones of masculine life, “Get Strong” as a follower of Jesus, and “Get Going” into Kingdom Influence and Impact.


Here’s what that looks like:


  • Get In — Just like Jesus had his own posse of disciples, we want to lead men to a relationship with Christ and encourage them to start or join a small group with other men to investigate their faith while engaging other men on the journey. The group may be at church, or a “meat-up” of a few guys who barbecue some meat then watch and talk about the lesson. Some men just share the material with friends to watch or read on their own, then arrange a time to get together to chat in-person or virtually. The big idea… to get men together talking about what matters.


  • Get Healthy — Like a personal trainer guiding you to the fundamentals of fitness, we provide a series of Bible studies and materials that help men learn how to enhance the foundations of their lives, including Family, Friendship, Intimacy and Temptation.


  • Get Strong — The next phase is to strengthen men’s spiritual growth. As you know, we are in a spiritual battle. This series of Bible studies and discussion materials offers a deeper dive into our faith. We want men to Dream, Fight, Risk, and Soar in their faith to prepare for the Get Going step.


  • Get Going — God’s man, supported by other men who are healthy and strong are able to take more action and “show up” in the community. God’s goal is to seek and save the lost, and we’re called to be servants. That’s our mission. That’s our role.


  1. 3.  How Women Can Help.
  • Get involved — I encourage women to get involved, without taking over. We’re trying to lead men to discover God’s truth, and be willing and able to discuss issues with their spouses. To get on the same page, ask your God’s man about what he’s learning, what God says and how you can help.
  • Give feedback — We’d love to hear from you! Send us a note if you’d like to ask a question, or suggest a topic.


  1. How Women Benefit. The more men know Jesus, the more the “fruit of the spirit” will show up in their lives. God has two primary objectives: To reach more people with his love, and to enhance our character. A “God’s man” is honestly working to shore up any cracks in his character so the women and children in their lives can see how a God’s man acts, thinks, and speaks about battles we all face. Ultimately, women benefit from having a better love life, marriage, and a partner who is trust-worthy, brave and full of the fruit. Men will be stronger fathers, have better leadership qualities, and be surrounded by a more positive sphere of influence. In Galatians 5:22 we learn about God’s farmers market – these are the fruits we seek to develop in men:

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.”


* *


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As the founder and president of Every Man Ministries, Kenny Luck’s experience as the men’s pastor at Saddleback Church helped him to create the blueprint for a men’s ministry. Tools, tips, and resources are at men’s fingertips with the Sleeping Giant program. Watch Kenny’s teachings at and Get Started today with your own men’s bible study.

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