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November 1, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | November 1, 2015

Symbiotic Accountability

Spiritual independence is an oxymoron. The key word here is moron.

The most frustrating aspect of not submitting to leadership is that we are not progressing.  Instead of becoming the men we need to be we’re remaining who we are.  In not seeking accountability, we fail on the most important spiritual battle front – our character.  Most Christian men are unexamined, unknown, unconfessed, and unable to risk transparency for the sake of growth.  It’s tough to watch men whose influence exceeds their unchecked character issues.  God has to bench them, retrain them, and rebuild them.  It calls to mind Howard Hendricks’s study of 246 pastors who lost their ministries because of affairs.  The four common denominators in the lives of these men: Their devotional lives became stale or academic — they had no accountability — they thought it was okay to counsel women alone — they thought it could never happen to them.

No one was asking these leaders: how’s your soul? — did you spend time with Jesus? — are you loving your wife? — have you been with a woman who is not your wife? — is your pride out of wack? That’s why all of us need to get over the fear of being known.  We need to take a step of faith and embrace aggressive accountability before it’s too late. 

For the men who have experienced the slimy pits of self-sufficiency, who have been broken by their sin and awakened by grace, and have tasted God’s goodness, this reaction is worse than counterproductive. It Invites God’s discipline.

Don’t play in Satan’s Sandbox. God loves you so very much and He’s not going to let you get away with it.

Thank you Father that you discipline out of your perfect love for your children

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