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November 10, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | November 10, 2015

Hurried Pace of Life

Satan knows that “quick and quality” is an oxymoron. Key word: moron. Only a moron says that you can have quality relationships with God or people on the fly. Instead of living your life from a set of God-ordered values, you find that Satan encourages the activity-driven life versus the purpose-driven every time. He says success isn’t living out your values, it’s maintaining your image and making sure you’re a part of all the urgent matters you have to get to.

The Bible tells us that believers are at risk of being bamboozled by Satan.  He projects his character onto you by planting thoughts that sound positive but produce devastating effects.  Search out his file and study it so you won’t lack the wisdom and intuition to see him.  If God’s man is destroyed from lack of knowledge, then God’s man who is equipped with intimate knowledge of the Enemy will do some damage of his own. A hurried pace of life will defeat you because of the time it takes to be informed.

The fighting God’s man must begin by being dedicated to discerning the Devil. The Bible assumes Satan’s “clear and present danger.” Do you? If we are going to be casual about this because of our hurried pace of life we are very vulnerable to the enemy.  Many people don’t want to face life as a battle, but guys this is a battle and only your aggressiveness and fight with your conquering hero is successful. We are here for a purpose; God’s Kingdom is our purpose.

Remember, you are shortly going to replace him in heaven forever.  Clear linkage is the key.  Just as investigators make a clear link between the evidence and the crime, God’s man can look at Satan’s character within God’s word to grow to a deeper awareness.

Father, thank you for sticking my nose in the heart of the problem.

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