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November 12, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | November 12, 2015

A Guarantee Creates Certainty

In man’s world we call it “walking tall.”  God wants every believer walking tall (like David) in the Spirit.  The solution is to internalize, versus intellectualize, the guarantee and confidence the Holy Spirit exists to provide.  With that goal in mind the simplest way to manifest the presence of the Holy Spirit is by speaking the truth of Scripture into moments that call for courage and confidence.  It looks like this – the Word of Truth joins with the Spirit of Truth, and Faith in God joins with Words of God, openly believed and spoken, to produce the power of God.  With Jesus as our example throughout the New Testament, I offer you an exercise to practice this important spiritual discipline based on the scripture above.  Join your faith with the Holy Spirit and repeat out loud the following: God has prepared me — The Holy Spirit is in me — nothing can stop me — nothing can hurt me — because He will redeem me.

God wants us to practice reminding ourselves of spiritual truth on a daily, moment–by-moment basis.  The purpose of this exercise is to connect you with truth. God wants you to be inwardly certain and fully confident of the Holy Spirit’s presence right now.  More personally, God wants this truth and confidence it engenders to fully sync up with your heart and not just your mind.  The reason I asked you to recite this creed is because being certain of the presence of the Holy Spirit is not an intellectual exercise, it is a spiritual and experiential reality that produces a real, living and emotional validation of truth inside you.

Then and only then will the battles, the issues, the opponents become inconsequential. David’s personal closeness to God drove his confidence in God. How certain inwardly was David? Watch the scrawny shepherd from Israel address the giant from Gath. Do you detect any doubt?

Thank you Father for the promises that you have guaranteed, which are all of them.

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