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November 14, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | November 14, 2015

(MAB’S) Monoclonal Antibodies

What does cancer research have in common with my relationship with my Father?  Cancer research has discovered that (MAB’s) monoclonal antibodies highlight a cancer cell to the immune system.  Like a homing beacon, the MABs can tag cancerous cells for the immune system, making them easier to locate and fight. They impede growth signals, think radar jamming. Certain cancer cells are signaled to grow faster than normal cells.  MABs can be programmed to jam and confuse those signals. They can deliver radiation.  Think kamikazes.  An MAB can carry a radioactive particle directly to the target cancer cell, sparing the surrounding healthy cells.

There are obvious connotations here for God’s men as agents of the kingdom.  Similarly for Satan, his demons provide his ability to strike intimately and fatally with laser like precision all over the world.  They are his personal assassins on assignment and as far as he is concerned we are the cancer. 

What we need to understand about all this effort on evil’s part is that Satan tries to parody and imitate God’s work in a perverted way. When God creates man and seeks to lead him, love him and bless him, Satan gets in on the act, promising the same things but delivering pain.  When God becomes incarnate in the person of Jesus Christ, Satan uses demons to forcibly take possession of people and become pseudo incarnate himself. Ephesians 6:12, look it up.

Satan’s MAB’s attempt to seize areas where there exists the smallest openness to entertain a will other than God’s.  They want to drive the boat in that particular area of a life, have a voice, get a yes, explode a bomb, maim, kill, and move on to their next host community. God has given us the knowledge to counteract Satan’s MAB’s.

Father, You have fully equipped me, you have held nothing back.

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