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November 14, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | November 14

As spiritual leader in your home, what’s your attitude toward your position?  Countless men think their title of spiritual leader places them above scrutiny, and they refuse any kind of confrontation by their wives.  Contrast this with the bondservant’s attitude.

The bondservant once stood on the auction block of shame because of his own foolishness and sin.  By grace, his master lovingly restored the tattered pieces of his life.  Now the bondservant hates sin, especially his own, but when it affects the master who gave up so much for him, he hates it even more.  He knows his master has every right to inspect him and confront him, for his sin affects the strength of his master’s house and all who live there.

What’s your mind-set? What’s your attitude toward your sins, including anything that tramples the convictions and soul of your wife?

Does your wife have the right to question you about your actions? Or are you above question?

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