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November 18, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | November 18, 2015

The Big Three

Demons are patient and persistent in their quest to gradually insinuate their influence on your thinking to gain control of a piece of your life.  They work against you just as your flesh and the world will.  They will encourage gray areas and complaints about discomfort or loss, they offer easy solutions. 

You know its Satan and his murderous angelic beings when the suggestions, thoughts, fears, discouragements, temptations, and core conflicts are getting magnified in your imagination.  Then there will be an offering of a reality that’s better than any God is offering.  It’s not just a solution; it’s a voluptuous solution — one that plays into your feelings and overrides your faith.

It is unceasing because we are in their backyard, and not vise versa.  Earth is in a fallen condition where fallen angelic beings have been given power to rule over and dominate nations and men.  We are in that world, and those who rule it in this short time between eternities can’t stand to give up a single inch of control.

The mind is the place where Satan and his cronies hang out.  We are tempted by the world, the flesh and the devil.  We see the world, we see the flesh, those temptations are overcome by decisions, but the devil will take over your mind which contains your attitude and perceptions. We have been given the gifts of the Spirit and the armor for warfare and we have the Intel of the Holy Spirit, listen and act.

Father, thanks again for your truth and perspective, can’t leave home without it.


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