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November 19, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | November 19, 2015

Getting to Know You

“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you” are the lyrics of an old song, many of you may remember it.

“How’s it going, Tom?” “Great, Larry”. We do it by habit, by culture.  We’re all too painfully absorbed in our own problems.  It would drain us too much emotional capital if we chose to go deeper.  What would we have left for ourselves?

Dealing only with other’s surfaces eliminates the very purpose of being connected to others in the first place.  God intended us to help, redeem, equip, encourage, warn and counsel our brothers as family, as good Samaritans.  But instead, our discomfort with reality and lack of character proves our immaturity.

“I would have never expected him to do that. He seemed like such a nice guy.” The more honest thing to say would be, “I didn’t know the guy at all”, even though he’s right in the next cubical from me.  Sadly, this is still the case in many supposedly intimate circles of men — people presenting the tips of their lives in an acceptable context, and under the pretest of community.  How amazing is it that we’re afraid to probe deeper for fear of offending, and these men are bleeding right in front of us.

Jesus was not a man who accepted anybody’s tip.  He always worked to get below the waterline and help people accept the real issues. They were the issues preventing them from experiencing His best for their lives. It is true we can’t be good friends with everyone, but can we take a look under our hood and ask ourselves, do I always have to be thinking about my own problems? How about asking God to, “make me an inspiration to someone today.”

Father, your Son is such a great teacher. Thank you, Jesus.

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