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November 23, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | November 23

Chemical Warfare

How precious to me are your thoughts God! How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand — when awake; I am still with you.  Psalm 139:17-18

If you have allergies you soon realize that invisible airborne agents make their way in and cause all sorts of reactions.  What we see physiologically is a hyperactive response of the immune system to certain foreign invaders.  The result is misery until medications kick in.

Here’s a little secret: Satan has allergies.  Spiritually speaking, there are behaviors that short-circuit his tactics and seriously irritate his system.  More and more these days, I find that when I’m actively expressing the following character qualities in my life, the more protected I am against the Devil’s tactics — and the more allergic to me he must feel.  These are all strengthening disciplines for God’s man and weakening influences for the Enemy.

I have found that Humility is a character quality and is the antigen of pride and stimulates the production of spiritual antibodies: faith, surrender, and willing submission to God’s will. Forgiveness releases you from the grip of bitterness, resentment, and anger.  It takes away a major fuel cell of satanic power in your life.  God’s man short-circuits many evils doing for others what Christ did for him. Unforgiveness is a foothold of Satan, giving him space on the beaches of your life.  Forgiveness, offered freely and unconditionally, evicts the squatter and takes back the beach.  An attitude of Gratitude:  Apply liberal amounts of gratitude to your daily life because nothing else kills pride like gratitude.  You will never meet a grateful narcissist.

Father, help me to not live my life without  tools of warfare.


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