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November 26, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | November 26, 2015

Risk Reproducing Yourself

Risking reproducing yourself spiritually requires guts and perseverance, but it is also the greatest adventure God’s man will ever take. Raising up and training a leader to do God’s work is nuclear — it’s a blast zone that extends to people you will never know you impacted.  All because you invested yourself and made deposits into the life of one other person and intentionally brought him to maturity in order to release him to ministry.  People touching people, who then touch people for Jesus in a chain of relationships that span centuries.

I’m fascinated with the whole idea of one man infecting another and causing an outbreak.  This is my goal for the men in my church — that they be contagious reproducers.  The reason why is that Jesus was all about infecting a few men during His brief time on earth who would then in turn infect a world.  Paul had the same mentality.  When God’s man decides to give away what he knows to other men, he sets in motion a chain reaction.

Paul defined discipleship in the simplest and most functional sense: it’s taking another man on a spiritual journey with you.  He grabbed Timothy, took him for outpatient surgery, and hit the road!  Those early days must have been flooding Timothy’s mind as he read Paul’s letter penned from a dungeon in Rome.  They traveled together, taught together, ate many a meal together, laughed I’m sure, saw a huge number of people come to know Jesus personally.  Paul selected Timothy, but at the time Timothy must have thought about how God had put the whole relationship together for this very moment in life.

God has put each of us in relationships for this very moment.  Do you ever think about the real reason you have been put in the relationships you have?

Father, You and I both know the real reason I have been put in my relationships.

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