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November 27, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | November 27

Male hardwiring is prone to addictive lusts of the eyes. Now you can see how our own churches wound us with their desire to be “relevant,” promoting and approving the very things that rev a guy’s sexual engine into the red zone. Once there, however, masturbation eats our spirituality alive.  It would be one thing if we could do nothing about it. The turth is, many guys think we can’t because of the teachings of the church.  For instance, one old train of thought still riding the rails today declares that masturbation is a certainty and that virile teenagers and single males cannot stop masturbating, no matter how hard they try. Calling masturbation “forbidden fruit” only makes the practice more attractive, which means we should deemphasize the embarrassment since that only pours needless shame onto young males’ heads.

Men react negatively to harsh preaching about sexual sin, and we all know that the shaming approach often adds fuel to the fire.  But we must make sure the pendulum doesn’t swing too far in the other direction.  We must never, ever see masturbation as just guys being guys, helpless before their monstrous sex drive.  They aren’t.

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