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November 28, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | November 28, 2015

Surface Images

You know when I sit and when I stand, you perceive my thoughts from afar. Psalm 139:2

Was the room strangely silent because of the disciples’ quiet confidence? Nope. 

Was anyone besides Peter expressing concern about the departure of Jesus? Nope.

Was anybody a little mad about the statement of Jesus, “where I am going, you cannot follow now”. Not visibly, but Jesus saw below the waterline, knowing they were terrified at the prospect of his leaving.

In the litany of the iceberg moments of Jesus, this example was a fraction.  He did this all the time.  Jesus was simply not interested in the show, the presentation, or the justified or unjustified surface emotions of people.  He had no taste for the symptoms; He went after the root.  His mission was to enter and redeem hearts, not to respond to disguises, diversions, or denial.  His modus operandi worked off the fact that He knew about people: that we’re all icebergs with deeper spiritual dramas unfolding below the waterline.  The difference is that He would go there.  He would do a heart scan rather than a behavioral assessment.  With His unique heart sonar equipment, He took spiritual readings, constantly measuring the invisible.  You see Him taking readings of hearts and people insisting on trying to distract him with head tactics: goofy logic, stonewalling, dysfunctional reasoning, justification, defending, and desperately trying to draw attention away from the real heart problem.  But each time, He would throw their x-ray film on the light board and expose the blockages.  As a spiritual radiologist, Jesus would interpret what He saw.

Our dear Holy Spirit knows who we really are. He purifies our prayers, cuts through the crap. He knows you will deal with it only because of the redemptive heart you have been given.

Father, thank your heart sonar equipment. How intimate can you get?

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