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November 5, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | November 5

If Christians were consumed by God’s purposes, it would first be reflected in our marriages. But the rates of divorce, adultrery, and marital dissatisfaction in the Christian church reveal our hearts.

Very few men are consumed by their marriages, and fewer still by purity, but both are God’s desire for you.  God’s purpose for your marriage is that it parallels Christ’s relationship to His church, that you be one with your wife.

When these expectations aren’t met, we become grumpy and frustrated.  Our will to maintain our outer defense perimeters is eroded.  Well, if this is how she’s going to be, why should I go through all the effort of being pure? She doesn’t deserve it.  We retaliate by withdrawing from our own responsibilities, but cherishing our wives includes being sexually pure.  If this inner defense fails, the outer perimeters of the eyes and mind can also fail – and quite quickly. 

Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to cherish your one and only.  To cherish means to treat with tenderness and to hold dear, and you want to feel the romantic urge to do those things.  But what if you don’t feel like it?  Something with such ramifications upon your sexual purity and upon the very strength of your marriage cannot be left to feelings alone.

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