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November 6, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | November 6

A God’s Man Prayer

Holy Spirit, thank You for seeking me out and setting me free.  I remember my deliverance.  I remember my Egypt’s and the condition of my heart and soul without God.  I remember the joy of my salvation and Your healing power in me over the years, changing me and giving me victory over my darkest sides.  I reflect on the ongoing warfare for freedom within and around me, and I need your power in my life for those fights.  I need Your continued work of freedom and healing in my life, I praise You for being my strong and mighty deliverer.

Holy Spirit, I recognize Your desire to deliver and free people by using me as Your vessel.  As Jesus fought for my spiritual freedom, I accept the mission of fighting for the freedom of others, with Your eyes for the alien, the poor, the blind, the captive and the oppressed.  As I see, help me to pray.  As I pray, make me willing to speak up, lift up, show up, and stand up for the ones Jesus loves and died for.  Help me to forget myself and my needs so that I can enter their lives and their need to know their deliverer and experience new freedom.

Holy Spirit, You are my encourager, you lift me up by not being my judge but my soul mate, and You guide me moment by moment into the path of truth and righteousness. You have given me the knowledge of freedom, power and victory rather than guilt, of being a victim and defeat. Help me accept and act on the truth that you have given me. You have given me an identity of confidence and well being. Thank you for the freedom of my salvation, for righteousness, Your Word, Your faith, Your truth and the Good News that I can speak of and demonstrate with others.  You have provided this through the ultimate and complete sacrifice of your Son for me and all those who are willing to accept your perfect love, thank you Father for your perfect love.

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