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November 9, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | November 9, 2015

Clean out the Closet

We have all heard the phrase “too much baggage.”  Well that’s exactly what we need to talk about. Our mind is really where our closets are formed.   Yes we do need a storage place in our mind but this, too, must be monitored.  We put off dealing with the immediate because the urgent takes over the important.  A song lyric comes to my mind, “slow down you move too fast” I don’t know what song that belongs to, but maybe some of you can recall.  I think it was “Feeling Groovy.”

We talked about Brian leaving his Band recently. That breakup would be final and every last visible remnant would be dealt with forcefully.  It started with his friendships (in leaving the band), extending to the idols (the platinum records on the wall), and then on to the substitutes for real intimacy (drugs and sex). 

In some ways, getting rid of the junk in my closet resembles the complexities of the War on Terror.  First of all, intelligence is critical.  The Enemy is shifty, hidden, networked, armed, and patient, and he knows you are after him.  He can employ disguises, disinformation, and poisonous deceptions to keep me at bay.  He has powerful allies (namely, the media soaked culture and the devil) supplying him with ammunition.  He knows when I sleep and when I wake up. 

What roadside bombs are stowed away in your closet today? An Every Man Ministries poll reveals the predominant masculine sins that need to be constantly traced down reside in one or more of the following areas. Do your checklist and I’ll do mine. Here are a few to check off: lust or fantasy, sex, pride, unresolved marital disconnection or infidelity, materialism, anger or resentment, busyness or workaholicism, un-forgiveness, selfishness, jealousy or envy, impatience, comparison, spiritual apathy.

Father, I know because I am your child you are causing me to do this.

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