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October 1, 2020 | Daily Devotionals | October 1, 2020

Know your Position in Christ

The Bible teaches that God’s weapons were created to be used. If we were to be graded on our familiarity with our weapon, like they do in any good standing army, I shudder to think what our spiritual instructors would say. “How long have you been a believer, boy?” Can you see it? Would that be you? The Bible assumes we’ll actually use the weapons issued to us. What is a God’s man to do without spiritual weapons of warfare? What are we equipped with that will knock down the strongholds of Satan?

Well, my brother, you can’t fight a battle against evil unless you’re intimate with God’s weapons. And we’ll have an eternity to swap stories together, so let’s start talking about how to use them in our fight against evil. After all, Satan wants to keep you from becoming adept with our spiritual weapons.

As we’ve seen, knowledge of evil and of your position in Christ is the first weapon used in this fight.  Not only does Satan try to keep intelligence and awareness about himself limited or misguided, he has the same objectives with your spiritual position and the authority it commands.  Just saying “I am in Christ” is a blow to him. That identity and union, once internalized, activate your authority. It’s the key that unlocks the door to spiritual power.

So, God’s man, when you get a chance, tell him like you mean it, and mean it as you say it: I am in Christ.  My identity has been eclipsed.  I have been deputized with full authority.  I personally acknowledge, accept and appropriate that authority in Jesus’ mighty name. Say it often to remind yourself and Satan that you know who you are, and he should know it well.  Your awareness of your spiritual identity is the basis, the power cell, for all other weapons.

Father, I have your full authority and full power to overcome temptation. 


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