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October 1, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | October 1

What happens if you don’t win this battle for purity in six weeks?  Sure, you’re anxious to win. Sure, you want to put this stuff behind you.  But it’s not as impotant to focus on some self-imposed deadline as it is to focus on where you’re headed.  This is a battle – a battle that demands your patience and time.

God knows what we’re made of, and nothing surprises Him!  He knew about “blue balls” long before we ever coined the phrase, and He also knew that the struggle for purity would be overbearing at times.

Don’t worry if total victory doesn’t come by next Tuesday. Rejoice in what you do have.

Move out.  Grab sexual territory and integrate it.  Rejoice with the Lord over victories.  Proclaim His power.  Where you lose, don’t hang your head in shame.  Rise up, pray, and hit it again.  Never quit.  With each victory, your spiritual, emotional and physical sides will align further.

Eventually, total victory will be yours.

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