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October 11, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | October 11, 2015

Get It

When I read in the New Testament about how the disciples were not “getting it” as Jesus spoke of leaving them and sending the Holy Spirit to lead them in His absence, I feel their pain.  When the Son of God is talking, no man wants to not get it.  But there was no context for them to filter such an abstract reality and concept.  The result, Scripture says, was He lost them (for the moment)!

Similarly, millions of believers today struggle to put the intellectual, spiritual, relational, and functional pieces together when it comes to the Holy Spirit.  The Living Spirit leading them from within is still abstract, misunderstood, misapplied, or not applied at all.  It is comforting, and also challenging, to know that as history affirms, the disciples’ confusion was transformed into experiential clarity and power.  Having this knowledge of the future is why Jesus could say near the end of His final huddle with the disciples, “It is for your good that I am going away” (John 16:7). But at the time, and without the same foresight, that was a big stretch for the disciples.

Of course, now, with a couple thousand years of hindsight, what Jesus said makes perfect sense.  We know now that the disciples, in their relationship to the Holy Spirit, went from dysfunctional to very dynamic and functional.    It doesn’t matter whether you are a new believer or a pastor.  The age of leadership by the Spirit is the one that you and I are supposed to be experiencing personally right now. The next question we need to ask ourselves is, how’s that process of following the Holy Spirit going?

The Father thought of everything. The only way that we can experience a relationship with the Father is to “get it”! He lives in you. Dwell on that.

Thank you Father that Your presence is in me. Wow, the God of the Universe! 

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