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October 12, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | October 12, 2015

Achilles Heel

We become God’s man when God’s grace conquers our fear of others knowing our weaknesses and shortcomings.  L

Satan will lie and encourage you to place no faith or trust in God. “Just give it some time to distance yourself from your weakness, and you’ll eventually forget you ever did it.” Fact: Time doesn’t heal problems and wounds, it only gives them opportunity to grow, hidden and kept in the dark recesses of our characters.  When we ignore the truth about who we are and what we deal with, the problem only gets bigger.  The truth fades and is replaced by the lie that everything’s cool.  A spiritual risk is required to end the shady deal. 

Satan also appeals to your shame.  “You can’t serve God until you have victory over the temptation, overcome that issue, or have been healed of your loss.” Fact: Your life will never make sense to you or to the people who know your problems until you let God use the problems, past mistakes, and present struggles to help others.  This requires taking a spiritual risk and trusting God.

Satan will magnify your paranoia or fear of exposure.  “What will people think of you if you share that?  What will happen to your image? Don’t be a fool!” Fact: God’s power and strength will invade your authenticity, and you will become real to those who are fake and dangerous to those looking for safety.  Authenticity always leads to credibility (everybody loves someone strong enough to be honest), which leads to vulnerability and trust.

What is your Achilles heel? Dishonesty never heals.

Father, thank you for exposing my weaknesses.


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