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October 15, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | October 15, 2015

Say Yes to the Holy Spirit

It doesn’t matter how you arrive at the decision.  You can arrive there logically, as in “He’s God and I’m not.”  Or you can arrive there out of the pain of your own self sufficiency as in, “I don’t want to make that mistake again.”  For God, intelligent or emotional responses are secondary to informed responses.  Once informed, as God’s Men we are responsible to act on the truth as we know it. So let’s get informed.

When we say yes to the Holy Spirit, it is important to remember that the decision by default — is a no as well.  Any time we say yes to God, we are saying no to impulse, culture, man-pleasing, and the devil. It’s also no to self management.  That’s the main issue when it comes to our relationship with the Holy Spirit and the ability to meet the changes and challenges we face.  In the midst of life we have to ask: “Who’s the boss— really?  Who’s calling the shots — really?  Who is in control — really?

This is what the Holy Spirit is saying to you right now in some area of your life.  The Kingdom of God is intended to explode in and through you, but you need to make the transfer of control official.  “What transfer” you ask? The one where we say no to pride and self-sufficiency and say yes to humble and healthy dependency upon the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit was given to us only to bless us so why do we resist God’s love? Be informed, God’s love for you is the answer, now show Him your love by not turning down His gift.

Father, each day, I am more informed of your love for me.

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