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October 20, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | October 20

If you’ve ever masturbated, you know that your heart is often gripped with heavy grief and sorrow afterward.  At that moment, it is very clear that you don’t deserve all the grace Christ has given you, and you can barely lift your head to look into your Father’s eyes.  The distance is very real.

But our mistakes and this distance are never the centerpiece of God’s focus on us.  If you would manage to look again into His eyes and run to the foot of the cross, you’ll find that Christ’s outstretched arms and His desire to forgive are always the glorious centerpiece to every Christian’s story.  Every one of us can tell our own story of His amazing grace, stories that He Himself has authored and will perfect and complete, regardless of our sin.  This is God’s focus.  It must also be ours.

Does that mean we shouldn’t fear God?  Does that mean we should be slack on sin?  Heavens no!

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