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October 21, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | October 21

The first step toward integrity with God is throwing our way out, surrendering unconditionally to His standard, and then moving fully toward His plan.  The reason so many men are unfulfilled in their relationships with God is that they will not give up their ways.  That’s why the doorway to integrity and intimacy with Him is the response of faith.

This is how a relationship with God begins initially, and it is the way a relationship with God is maintained continually – by faith. Practially, it means God’s man must simply take God at His Word and leave the relsults to Him, based on who He is and what He did to earn our trust in Christ.

Today I will lay down my life in front of 

my Maker and give up my attempt to fight

God’s plan for my life. I will give myself to

the prevailing power to administer the plan

for renewal and growth. I will submit to

God, His plan, and His process. In 

unconditional surrender I acknowledge,

“Yes, Lord, You know better.”

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