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October 23, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | October 23

Sexual sin once robbed your heart of something very precious.  Every little boys sees the fight for right and desires to be an agent of good, to be the good guy who saves the day.  Every little boy has dreams and visions of one day being someone great and doing something great, but sexual sin often steals these drams away until heaven intervenes and recaptures them for God’s man on the battlefield.  Victory restores these hopes and renews the dreams that were once vaporized in the midst of sexual sin.

The dream lives!  Now you know what you can do in Him.  You feel it.  You’re a fighting machine, confident as you approach any battle.  You’ve proven that your Commanding Officer can trust you with much as long as you abide in Him.  And He’s proven that you can trust Him to supply all you need in any battle.

Battles test and transform soldiers, and this test revealed the depth of your love for Him.  You’re stronger, and you’re changed.  God is a strong God, and He wants strong, confident soldiers in His kingdom who are good in a fight, even when facing daunting odds that seem overwhelming.

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