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October 28, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | October 28, 2015

Misplaced Passions

God’s man is called to invest his passions in the service of life, not invest his life in the service of his passions.  God knows that we have energy to devote to something, and He designed that energy to be put toward knowing and loving Him — in worship. He knows that the end result of worship is a better you, that’s what God is all about, making you the best that you can be, which means a fulfilled you.  Unfortunately, billions of men are being deceived, fruitlessly worshiping the wrong things and paying the price.  The objects we worship hijack our souls, morph our characters, and transform our conduct.

Sadly, millions of Christian men are experiencing a similar letdown with God.  We start off in awe and “magic” as salvation invades our soul.  But slowly our spiritual high is tempered by some of the realities of spiritual growth that are going to have to be worked out rather than “magically” resolved.  We experience what an addict calls a “buzz kill” and come off our high.  We are disillusioned.  Slowly our passion for God leaves and is replaced with the passions that will only lead to our demise.

By accepting the promise of Jesus as he stood at the door of your heart and knocked, you became his child, the child of a father who has perfect love for you. Yet, because we live in this broken world temporally, we are tempted to follow our own passions and walk away from our marriage of our perfect partner. God has promised he would never leave us but that doesn’t mean we sometimes don’t walk away from him, only to prolong what he wants for us. Don’t mess around and take the long way home. The prodigal son made that mistake. God has ordained us as His children but he has given us choice, choose wisely.

Father, passions are powerful but not as powerful as your truth within me.


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