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October 28, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | October 28

There’s an old story about the war between flesh and spirit being like two dogs fighting within us.  One time a man asked a preacher, “who wins in the end?”  The preacher relied, “The one you feed.”

We feed the Holy Spirit’s abilities to win sexual battles in our lives by surrendering to His control, feeding regularly on God’s Word, cultivating a sensitive ear to His leadings and reminders, and quickly confessing when we blow it.  It’s really that simple.  Because of the Holy Spirit’s vital role in our spiritual success, we must begin every day by asking Him to fill us.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is not meant to be an emotional crisis moment but rather an ongoing act of faith that is experienced moment by moment, situation by situation, each day.  When God’s man is filled with God’s Word as well His Holy Spirit, he also becomes a might man of prayer.


Lord, I want to be counted as a mighty man

of prayer.  As I fill myself with Your Word,

fill me with Your Holy Spirit

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