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October 31, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | October 31

Christ’s Power

Confidence in Christ’s power is more critical than equipment.  When you hold a machine gun and your enemy has a sharp stick, you can have confidence.  This is the sentiment Jesus passed to His men: don’t worry, you have authority over evil; God has authority over all!  It’s not what God’s man can do for God, but what Jesus Christ has done for us.

Overwhelming strength and commanding authority produces confidence.  Do you walk in that power, authority, and confidence right now as God’s man? “And in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority” Colossians 2:10. Do you know how to access it and bring it into play every day?  There are eager forces working hard to thwart God’s work.  They may be unseen, but they desperately want control and power over us.  Jesus Christ has given us the intelligence and tools to fight the forces that oppose us. 

You are here at this moment in history to fight in the character of Christ.

Every follower of Christ is necessarily and deliberately an enemy of Satan.  Pause for a moment and let the paint dry on that one. The statement is simple, easy to understand, but the implications are perilously profound.  This is what makes being God’s man both noble and hazardous.  Of course, it’s still hazardous without God, but the very act of identification with Jesus Christ means one irrefutable thing for you — you are the enemy of hell.  While we might be tempted to keep this reality neatly compartmentalized, Jesus didn’t. As we learned, what mattered is what He spoke and not what we wish mattered.

When we have the attitude of being surrendered to His power we have every tool of spiritual warfare in our grasp. There is nothing that can defeat who we really are in Christ Jesus. You are only limited by your understanding and acceptance of this fact. You are God’s man! Believe it and go for it!

Thank you Father for the faith you have given me to build on!


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