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October 5, 2015 | Daily Devotionals | October 5, 2015

That One Thing

“What a waste” – that’s what we say when we have known someone who was bright, talented, competent, and highly skilled, but (say it slowly) one thing about that person’s character got in the way.  The one obstacle, after achieving great success, that one thing is the very thing that can sabotage everything he or she worked so hard to achieve. 

On the national stage, people fell in love with Michael Vick’s abilities on the football field. He had it all; his whole career was ruined by that one thing.  It started with a well known gesture to the crowd, then it progressed into the ultimate thing that falls on many who venture on to the stage of mega success, Pride.  Many times it isn’t evidenced by one thing but the ultimate one thing that can fail all of us, pride. Pride exposes our true character or lack thereof.

It’s a caution flag for those mustangs among us (me, for example) who would subconsciously put their own plans ahead of God’s and pawn them off as God’s plan, a la Peter.  Jesus was putting all disciples on red alert against the dark corners of sin, pride, fear, and other unexamined or ignored character dysfunctions that could make them vulnerable to attack in the midst of their ministry.  Any number of Christian leaders, yea any of us, could testify to this very dynamic of self-destruction.  We all are prone to getting stuck, bound to something inside us that could easily undermine our best intentions.

He will allow you to be sifted by Satan himself or by trial or circumstance, whatever it takes to break the foothold of pride and self-sufficiency out of you.  Got your attention? Remember, Satan is allowed to be wherever darkness is welcomed.  And pride is like a sky-banner invitation to come to your party. 

Thank you Father, for reminding me to keep my self-adulation in check.

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