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October 5, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | October 5

Here are five simple thoughts:

  1. Families form people.
  2. The most critical formative relationship for a man is his relationship with his father.
  3. A man will spend decades of his life trying to compensate for gaps in his relationship with his dad.  Until healing occurs, attempts to compensate will draw him into destructive lifestyles, habits, additions, and failed relationships.
  4. Every man must face and deal directly with the wounds that prevent his progress.
  5. Every man courageous enough to let God touch his “father wounds” and stand in the gap can find healling and renewal.

Our heavenly Father will get to the root causes of our thoughts and actions if we’ll only let Him.  His penetrating gaze can search even the most painful areas of our lives, leave His mark there, and provide us with insight.  And when He reveals certain core truths that impact our relationships with Him and others, He can personally apply Himself and His resources to reshape and remold us into His workmanship.

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