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October 8, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | October 8

If cherishing is anything, it’s loving your wife for who she is this day, not some other day down the line.  It’s making allowances for all the surprises and inconsistencies that were hidden until life spun her in its new direction.

Your wife has a heart that still beats like a little lamb’s heart, a heart that still skips through meadows of hope and desire, longing for love.  It may be difficult to see.  Maybe her father was an alcoholic or an abuser who didn’t protect her.  Maybe she isn’t much of a Christian.  Maybe she was promiscuous before meeting you.

Maybe so.  But we know some other things are also true.

In trust to you, she did forsake her individual freedom, believing you would provide love and protection.

She’s God’s little ewe lamb regardless of the pain and sin she’s been through, and He has entrusted her to you.

Can you see into her soul?  Does your heart warm to the task?  Is there anything more noble than making a solemn promise to cherish your one and only?

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