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September 19, 2014 | Daily Devotionals | September 19

You were a prodigal eating old cobs of corn left in a pigsty.  To restore your relationship with your Father, you had to get up out of the mud and start walking home.  You didn’t have to clean yourself up first, but you did have to make that first step.  On the road ahead, the Father would be waiting with a ring, a robe, shoes and everything else an honored son was meant to have.  But first you had to come to your senses and take your first step toward home – toward purity – by making that covenant with your eyes.

Before long you may have felt a new light and lightness in your soul.  Your sexual sin had brought a darkness so deep and smothering that when it vanished, the difference was so real you could practically touch it.  You are loved and approved by God.

Along with inner peace comes an outer peace that affects your daily life.

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