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September 20, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | September 20

In Times Like These

Our times are unprecedented in human history. Much like our brother disciples of the first century, the global community of God’s Men worldwide is being turned upside down by events out of our control. Through technology, the world is sitting on our porch.  The earth below the world’s feet is shaking as economies collapse and entire countries implode.  Personal dreams are being ruptured. Expectations of the future are being altered.  Reality is biting.  And because of technology, everybody’s backyard is a cell phone screen away, and we can watch what is happening to everyone else!

Even in a closed country like Iran, what was once an invisible movement to the rest of the world is seen and experienced all over the world in real time.  The benefit of Pentecost was the ability by a visiting world to see a movement in real time.  The venue today is not a gathering of thousands in one city but of billions of technology users who can see and hear exactly what is happening on any day in any part of the planet. Our digital world today is available 24/7 with conflicting media and different versions of news and “truth”. The situational dynamics of that first Pentecost and initial blast zone of the kingdom are now ours in these last days.  But will the sleeping giant of God’s Men rise up, wait upon the Holy Spirit, get filled, and explode into their world?

God’s Men! Why are you standing there looking into the sky?  Leave yesterday behind.  Jesus is coming back! It’s not a time for standing still.  It is a time to go into prayer with your brothers, to wait eagerly and expectantly, to get soaked in the Holy Spirit, and to release the power within you to your waiting and watching world!

Thank you Father — for time such as this.


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