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September 21, 2023 | Daily Devotionals | September 21

Weapon Grade Plutonium

“For you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you”. Acts 1:8

Willingness on the part of God’s man to share the gospel is weapons-grade plutonium in spiritual warfare —the final ingredient that makes a nuclear impact possible.  How is that, we say? Simple: telling someone else about the Lord requires humility and faith, the two most powerful agents of spiritual conductivity.  God’s power flows most deeply through us when we decide to leave the shores of safe, spiritual spin, for the unpredictable rapids of witnessing.

Your spiritual life comes full circle when you are willing to give away what you yourself received and accepted.  You own the faith now instead of just leasing it when convenient.  You have risked combining responsibility with willing availability to speak about Him.  And once God’s man experiences the power of God in this way, no other experience can compare.  It is the ultimate risk-reward setup. Give the signal, turn the key, press the button, and release the power.

Men love the idea of ignition.  Give them switches, keys, or buttons to press, flick on, or turn that lead to noises, lights, power, or secret trap doors.  We love initiating sequences of things that blow up or blast off.  At the moment of ignition there’s an excitement and a rush because we know a demonstration of power is going to follow it by design.

But imagine this: God wants you to be the ignition switch of His power by deciding to move the conversation over to Christ.  According to Jesus, God’s man can choose to experience the power of God by deciding to share his faith.

Thank you Father, for the ignition and power of your Holy Spirit within me.


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